Caring for Children

Think of a GP as the first person to go to when anyone in your family has a health problem. GPs can help work out what’s going on.

We cater for newborns, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school age and teenagers. Our Experienced GPs can also give immunisations and medication for illnesses, check on your child’s health, growth and development, treat minor injuries, and send you to specialists. We offer vaccinations and general advise on caring for your Children’s Health, and concerns you can discuss with us. Teenagers with depression and anxiety, social issues and personal issues can also see us for help and advice.

We will get to know you and your child so we can often more easily work out what health problems you have. We will also be able to help you avoid health problems in the first place with preventative measures.

If you have a teenage child, it can be good for your child to get used to seeing the GP alone, for at least part of a consultation, we understand this can be a difficult time for parents and teenagers.. Our GPs will try to arrange for this to happen. By the later teenage years, your child will probably be comfortable seeing the GP alone for the whole consultation.

Book a Consult

We use Hot Docs to manage our appointments and schedule. Please setup your Hot Docs Profile and book via this easy booking system. We also have tele-health appointments if you are unwell and cannot come into the clinic.